welcomeThe King's Thrombosis Centre is a leading multidisciplinary clinical and research group dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of hypercoagulable conditions. We are a designated Haemophilia Centre and were the first National Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Exemplar Centre, reflecting our national leadership in the prevention and treatment of VTE. Our clinical trials unit works in partnership with industry to develop new treatments for VTE prevention and treatment.



The FIRST Registry

With the next generation of oral anticoagulants entering clinical practice, the FIRST registry will provide an important data tool to increase knowledge and improve the quality of care of patients with VTE.

More about the FIRST Registry will be published soon.

Exemplar Centre Network website


The Exemplar Centre Network website has moved. After being hosted at the King's Thrombosis Centre website since its launch in 2007, the website will now be managed as part of the National VTE prevention Programme and can be accessed by clicking here.

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