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Anticoagulation news items. Week commencing 26th February 2018

Association of Varicose Veins With Incident Venous Thromboembolism and Peripheral Artery Disease

Journal of the American Medical Association

Retrospective Taiwanese study (n=212 984 varicose veins [VVs];212 984 controls) found significantly increased risk of incident DVT among adults with VVs (6.55 vs 1.23 per 1000 person-years; HR 5.30; 95% CI, 5.05-5.56). Findings for PE and peripheral artery disease are less clear.


Meta-Analysis of Genotype-Guided Versus Standard Dosing of Vitamin K Antagonists

American Journal of Cardiology

Review of 20 RCTs (total n=5,980) found a greater improvement in time in therapeutic range for genotype guided vs standard treatment (difference 3.41%, p=0.01). There were also reductions in major and all bleeding events, but no difference for INR >4 or serious adverse events.


Oral Anticoagulation in Very Elderly Patients with Atrial Fibrillation - A Nationwide Cohort Study


Taiwanese cohort study in those ≥90 years (11, 064 with AF vs 14,658 controls) found that warfarin was associated with a lower risk of stroke vs no treatment (3.83 vs 5.75% per year, HR 0.69, 95% CI 0.49 to 0.96). Warfarin was associated with a positive net clinical benefit.


Market Authorisation Application submitted in EU and USE for turoctocog alfa pegol for haemophilia


Turoctocog alfa pegol is an extended half-life factor VIII treatment currently under investigation. Data from the pathfinder clinical trial programme form the evidence base for the submission.


Emicizumab approved for use in EU for prevention of bleeding in haemophilia A


This bispecific monoclonal antibody simultaneously binds factor IXa & factor X, exerting the same function as factor VIII but not expected to be susceptible to neutralising antibodies. It has been approved for use on the basis of the HAVEN trial programme.


Anticoagulants, including non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants (NOACs): Key therapeutic topic [KTT16]

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

This document summarises the evidence-base on anticoagulants, including non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants (NOACs). It is a key therapeutic topic which has been identified to support medicines optimisation. It is not formal NICE guidance.


Management of therapeutic anticoagulation in patients with intracerebral haemorrhage and mechanical heart valves

European Heart Journal

Analysis of 137 mechanical heart valve patients reports restarting therapeutic anticoagulation (TA) within 2 weeks was associated with increased haemorrhagic complications v no-TA (26% v 6%, P < 0.01); however, a non-significant decrease in thromboembolic complications was noted.


Antithrombotic therapy and body mass: an expert position paper of the ESC Working Group on Thrombosis

European Heart Journal

Consensus paper addresses issue of whether modified antithrombotic management strategies are required for patients at extremes of body weight. More focus is given to obesity due to higher prevalence in cardiovascular disease and complexities with pharmacology and pathophysiology.



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