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Anticoagulation news items. Weeks commencing 31st January 2022

Bivalirudin versus heparin in pediatric and adult patients on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: A meta-analysis.

British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Analysis (9 studies, n=994) found bivalirudin linked to lower risks of major bleeding (risk ratio 0.32;95% CI 0.22-0.49), ECMO in-circuit thrombosis (0.57;0.43-0.74), stroke (0.52;0.29-0.95), in-hospital mortality (0.82;0.69-0.99) & higher rates of survival to ECMO decannulation.


Anticoagulants for acute ischaemic stroke

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
In updated review (28 trials [4 new];n=24,025), conclusions remain consistent, in that people who have early anticoagulation post acute ischaemic stroke do not show any net short‐ or long‐term benefit, with reduction in recurrent stroke, DVT & PE offset by increased bleeding risk.



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