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Anticoagulation news items. Week commencing 16th September 2019

Stroke and thromboembolism prevention in atrial fibrillation


Review discusses this association, medical/non-medical therapy for stroke prevention, guideline recommendations for prevention, electrical and pharmacological cardioversion, ablation therapy and antithrombotic medication management, as well as key outstanding research questions.


Personalized Prediction of Cardiovascular Benefits and Bleeding Harms From Aspirin for Primary Prevention: A Benefit–Harm Analysis

Annals of Internal Medicine

This study, based on an analysis of 245,028 persons (43.6% women) aged 30-79yrs without established CVD who had their CVD risk assessed suggests a model that provides a personalised prediction of the benefits and bleeding harms from aspirin when used for primary prevention of CVD.


Head injury: assessment and early management – updated guideline [CG176]

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

Updates have been made to the recommendations on head CT scans in people on anticoagulant treatment, diagnosis and management of post head injury hypopituitarism, and management of indirect brain injuries.



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