thrombophiliaThe laboratory provides a wide range of coagulation tests including routine coagulation studies, factor assays, testing for lupus anticoagulant and inhibitors, platelet function tests and thrombophilia work-up. Recent additions to the research laboratory include thromboelastography and thrombin generation assays. King's has been a Haemophilia Centre for over two decades. We offer:

  • Genetic counselling and prenatal diagnosis in conjunction with Professor Nicolaides at the Foetal Medicine Unit
  • A large anticoagulant clinic with over 1,300 'active' patients
  • The diagnosis and management of thrombophilia in close collaboration with several units especially obstetrics, neurology and hepatology
  • Facilities for full phenotypic and genetic thrombophilia screening including DNA analysis for Factor V Leiden, prothrombin and MTHFR polymorphisms